“Wine is sunlight held together by water”
- Galileo


Starters, Salads & Soups

Soup du Jour     7-
Ask your server for today's exploration...

House Salad    
Fresh garden greens tossed with a choice of house dressings topped with tomato, cucumber,
red onion, carrot and cabbage.

Flat Stanley
Where's Stanley now? Ask your server for today's flatbread creation on naan bread.

Brie au Framboise     12-
A whole wheel of brie, baked and smothered with a raspberry chili sauce and toasted almonds.
Served with warm pita points, perfect for sharing.

Peanut Chicken Satays     9-
Grilled chicken breast tenders with a Thai coconut cream peanut sauce on Asian slaw sprinkled with crushed nuts.

Beef Carpaccio    
Certified Angus Beef
tenderloin sliced thin and rare on a bed of greens with fried capers, truffle oil
and a Dijon aioli. Served with grilled bread.

The Minnow Bucket     9-
A bucket-full of freshwater smelts, seasoned, dredged and deep-fried to supercrisp,
served with coleslaw and a cider vinegar aioli.

Squid-pro-quo    12-
Pan-seared marinated calamari on Asian greens with a coconut shrimp chutney, garnished with Thai bird chilies.

Mussamun Mussels     11-
Fresh P.E.I. mussels steamed in a Mussamun curry & coconut broth, topped with cilantro
and served with fresh bread to mop up.

A Nice Pair     12-
Panko-crusted Pacific prawn cakes with a wasabi aioli and kimchee.

Asian Candied Pork Potstickers     9-/16-
Red roast pork stuffed into wonton wrappers and fried, served with a sweet ginger soy dipping sauce
and Sriracha chili paste on the side. Order 7 or 17 bite-sized pieces.

Main Courses

Rainbow Trout      24-
Sunflower-crusted Manitoulin Island Rainbow Trout with a mushroom spinach cream sauce on basmati rice.

Maple Chipotle Salmon     26-
MSC-certified, sustainable Pacific sockeye salmon filet with a fiery chipotle maple syrup glaze
and a zingy lemon aioli, served on basmati rice.

Seafood Fett-ish
Scallops, shrimp, and mussels tossed together with fettuccine noodles and flavoured with
a dill and tarragon cream sauce. Served with salad or roasted vegetables.|

Can-Con (Canard Confit)     21-/28-
Local duck legs (1 or 2), brined and slow-poached in liquid gold (duck fat), then crisped
and served with roasted potatoes and a Wahta cranberry gastrique.

Thunder Thighs     23-
These chicken thighs are wrapped around Italian sausage stuffing, Parmigiano Reggiano, and basil,
with a prosciutto blanket. Topped with tomato sauce, resting comfortably on fettucine noodles.

Singapore Noodle Bowl     19-
A magical blend of Indian and Indonesian flavours with either egg or rice noodles
and your choice of tofu,
chicken, shrimp, or beef. Topped with bean sprouts and cilantro. Served with a side salad or grilled vegetables.

A Passage through India     Madras 23- / Kadai 18-
Beef Madras –
Tender chunks of beefy goodness, slow-cooked in our house made hot Madras curry, with chilies, tomato, and toasted earthy spices.
Kadai Mushroom Masala – A rich onion and tomato based gravy with mushrooms, bell peppers, potato,
sweet peas, and almonds.
Both curries are served with basmati rice, grilled vegetables, naan bread and cucumber raita.

Stuff Me Tender     23-
Succulent pork tenderloin stuffed with brie, apple, bacon and caramelized onion,
topped with an apple brandy reduction, served on caramelized onion mashed Lafontaine potatoes.

Blue Velvet     30-
Certified Angus Beeffilet, grilled to your liking, and topped with a blue cheese, green peppercorn sauce
on caramelized onion mashed Lafontaine potatoes.

Argentine Style Steak    30-
El monstro! A huge, lean cut, striploin steak, grilled to order, with chimichurri
and grilled portobello mushroom on caramelized onion mashed Lafontaine potatoes.

 Sweet Temptations

We have a great selection of yummy
handmade desserts, including (but not limited to):

Frozen Citrus Mousse
Maple Pecan Pie
Chai Tea Creme Brulee
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

All desserts    7-
Have your dessert à la mode for a dollar more.

Ice cream    3-
Ask which flavours we have today.

Li'l Explorers Menu
(this menu is priced for children accompanied by an adult, if you are an adult you may order from this menu with a $5 surcharge)

Pizza and Salad   
A made-to-order pita pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and sausage (or not).
Served with salad or fries and crunchy fresh veggies.

Grilled Chicken Tenders     8-
Not breaded and deep-fried, boneless, skinless breast meat served with salad or french fries
and crunchy fresh veggies.

Pasta with Tomato or Butter     8-
Tangy tomato sauce or simply butter, topped with Parmigiano Reggiano
and served with fresh crunchy veggies.

L'il Salmon    8-
Pan-fried wild-caught Pacific salmon with rice, salad or fries and, you guessed it, crunchy fresh veggies!

(prices subject to applicable taxes)